Penetration testing management

Penetration testing helps to answer the question: “Can someone break-in my system and take advantage of my data?”. Through the exploitation of vulnerabilities, a penetration expert can gain root access or other privileged control over the system or web application, which means gaining total control of a system and the possibility to get sensitive information. Basically penetration testing is legal hacking.

Penetration tests should be conducted after a vulnerability assessment to confirm actual risks. During the exploitation of vulnerabilities, our penetration tester will use automatic and manual testing tools and scripts. Penetration testing can be conducted internally as well as externally. After manual verification of the information from the testing, we provide a mitigation plan to secure the network and prevent the information from being accessed. We prepare unique approach - Sensora research managed penetration testing that allowed prepare not only one single test but ensure that your app. are tested on regular basis, get the most relevant information about security issues and get on-going security consultations.