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Working in product management is not a walk through a park. As a product manager, you have to be a mini-CEO of whatever you are selling. With that title, you are responsible and accountable for many aspects. Others place expectations on you, even though you have little control over how everything goes.

Cilvēki bieži vien nesaprot, ar ko lietu internets (IoT) atšķiras no standarta interneta. Būtiskākā atšķirība ir tāda, ka IoT nepieprasa datu ievadīšanu. Tāpat kā tradicionāli, vienīgie dati, kas ir pakļauti riskam, ir tie, kurus ievietojat. Vienkāršs risinājums – nelieciet datus internetā, un jūsu problēma ir atrisināta. Bet IoT informācija tiek pilnībā apkopota atsevišķi.

Kiberdrošība 2021. gadā būs sabiedrības uzmanības centrā, jo uzbrukumi kļūst arvien vērienīgāki un pārdrošāki. Šogad šajā nozarē, visticamāk, pieaugs jauktu uzbrukumu skaits, jo visu nozaru organizācijas saskaras gan ar atsevišķu hakeru, gan ar organizētu grupu un valdības atbalstītiem uzbrukumiem.

Companies globally, especially companies that have been around since the 20th century have always had their fair share of issues with IT. Just the word "system update" or "downtime" are considered taboo in these organizations and are considered a significant waste of time and money.

You’d imagine that even cybercriminals would be taking a break to let the world recover after being struck by a global pandemic of this scale. But, the whole purpose of being a cybercriminal is attacking people when they’re in a vulnerable state with their guard down; and these days, people are the most vulnerable they’ve ever been.

There’s a saying, “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t”. If you’re a well-known company working in a certain locality, there’s a pretty high chance that you will be attacked. In case you’re a bank, a financial institution or a government site, the attacks will be targeted and will aim to steal your confidential information. However, there are also people that will just do it for the giggles.

The basic purpose of a cybercriminal is to exploit humanity when it's in a vulnerable state. And, when it comes to the situation at hand these days, there hasn’t been a more vulnerable time in recent history for the world. Unfortunately, cybercriminals are making the most of this situation.

Gone are the day when cloud computing was a fancy option. Companies that moved away from servers and invested in cloud storage were considered to be flushing money down the drain. But, things have changed tremendously and it wouldn’t be an understatement to say the case is completely opposite now.

This week, Jurijs Rapoports, Chapter Leader at the OWASP Foundation, joins us for our Ask the Expert podcast. Jurijs has a wealth of management and technical experience, as well as a track record in developing businesses to new levels. Notably, Jurijs has also created a blended methodology to assess, implement, and manage information security realistically and effectively.

Anonymity on the internet refers to protecting a person's identity from another user or their party over the internet. Privacy is the number one priority of internet users where users demand their actions remain hidden from unwanted observation. This may be valued for multiple reasons such as secure billing, anonymous blogging and posting, etc.

Knowing the whole phenomenon behind the Internet of Things (IoT), it would be easy to understand why it is being termed as the next Industrial Revolution. In simple terms, the Internet of Things is basically a system of interrelated digital machines, computing devices, objects, and people and the capacity to transfer data over a network without requiring human-to-human or human-to-computer interaction. IoT is now being used on a global level, in order to operate more efficaciously, improve decision-making, and to better understand customers to deliver enhanced customer service and increase the value of the business as a result.

The internet has never been a safe place for anyone, let alone the tender mind of young teens. There’s so much on stake as soon as you turn on your laptop. Anything could be stolen from your credit card information to footage of you cuddling with your other half in bed while watching Netflix. But, what about kids that aren't going to have / do either of the above? That’s exactly what we’re going to discuss in this article. Here are a few reasons why kids and adults need to be more vary of kids on the internet as opposed to anyone else. Let’s get right into the reasons.

Every single day we leave our homes, lock the windows, shut the doors and hope that it's enough to protect all our valuables. For a long, long time, closed doors were enough to thwart robberies. But, today, a thief isn't going to break your lock, he's going to sit behind a computer screen…

We're living in a day and age where cyber threats are becoming more common than robberies on the streets. They've evolved from basic malware attacks to total hacks designed to bring down economies, and at this day and age, the digitization of information just can't happen without cyber security. This post is going to formed like a discussion where we'll talk about everything there is to list out about the two words 'security' and 'digitization'.

The world we live in has undergone three industrial revolutions within the last four centuries, including the current one. However, today we live in times where we have entered into the earliest phases of the fourth industrial revolution that further builds on the third industrial revolution i.e. the Digital Revolution. While we see and hear about many technologies that are contributing to the fourth industrial revolution, the most important of them all without a doubt is Artificial Intelligence or AI.

The internet has exposed us to an array of luxuries previously which were seen as something unattainable. However, with its many benefits came the daunting realization of its negative perspective. One such contributing factor which has caused more harm than good is the cybersecurity sector, being exposed to millions of threats on a near hourly basis. Cybersecurity serves as the brick wall between our important information and total and utter chaos. Cybersecurity acts as a barrier between us and potential vulnerabilities in the system which can be exploited in more ways than just one. The growing demand for cybersecurity has fueled the development of cybersecurity markets in the past few years and is estimated to reach 170 billion in the next two years as reckoned by Forbes.

All news that I read in the last two years, I shared on two main topics: 1 - Someone/something was hacked 2 - Creation of new revolutionary defence technology You don't have to be a genius to understand that there is something wrong with this picture. Of course, I understand this is only basic “common” stuff and a lot of problems start from other sources like controlling person lives, adding all CCTV and IoT technologies in businesses, social media influence etc.

People often don’t get why the Internet of Things (IoT) is different from the standard internet. The most significant difference we can list out would be that the IoT doesn’t require much input. As with the traditional, the only data that is at risk is the one you put in. Simple solution; don’t put any data on the internet and your problem is gone. But, in IoT the information is entirely collected on its own. The “smart” technology as we call it analyzes the data on its own, so you never really know what you’re putting on the internet.