Cyber Security Strategy

At Sensora, we specialize in identifying security gaps, managing risk, and optimizing resource allocation to enhance your organization’s security posture. Our experts employ a risk-based approach to tailor cybersecurity solutions that align with your unique needs, ensuring effective protection against the evolving threat landscape.

Cyber Training, Education and Awareness

Our Cyber Training, Education and Awareness program is designed to enhance security consciousness among your employees. Focusing on prevalent hacking techniques, the training empowers your team with knowledge and strategies to safeguard against cyber threats, fostering a secure and vigilant organizational culture.

Compliance – GDPR, ISO, FKTK

Our compliance service offers thorough assessment and alignment with major standards including GDPR, ISO, and FKTK. Addressing risks associated with credit card fraud, data breaches, and identity theft, we help businesses implement robust policies and procedures to navigate the complexities of global industry regulations effectively.

CISO as a Service

Our CISO as a Service offers your business strategic leadership and comprehensive cybersecurity consulting, aligning with your corporate goals. By retaining a board-level cybersecurity consultant, you benefit from expert guidance in developing a robust security strategy, managing third-party risks, and ensuring compliance with relevant GRC frameworks.

Cyber Wargaming

Cyber Wargaming offers a dynamic, interactive experience that prepares your cyber incident response team for real-world threats. Through simulated cyber scenarios, participants gain hands-on experience in identifying, responding to, and mitigating potential cyber incidents, enhancing their readiness and response capabilities.

Cloud security

Sensora’s Cloud Security as a Service provides a comprehensive suite of security measures tailored for the cloud environment. From web and email security to data loss prevention and network security, our service ensures scalable, cost-effective, and state-of-the-art protection for your data and IT infrastructure, enabling your in-house IT team to focus on core business functions.