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A Complete Cyber Awareness Solution


Expose your employees to real-time threats through engaging simulations.


Customized training programs to best educate your employees.


Empower your employees to be your first line of defense with immediate response tools.


Gain valuable insights with comprehensive reporting and analytics.

Create customized Cyber Awareness training programs

Cywareness Automation Wizard

Provide an automated cyber security training program with no additional intervention from your security team. Choose from our preset training programs or build your own, scale your awareness training with full control.

Sensora Security


Schedule your training campaigns to best fit your company's timeline. Integrate training schedules seamlessly with your existing corporate calendar, ensuring no disruption to daily workflows.

Sensora Security
Sensora Security


Run training, only if it meets a preset condition. Set conditions based on employee role and access level, delivering targeted training that’s most relevant to each position.

Sensora Security
Sensora Security


Cross automation with other company's services. Streamline your security ecosystem by linking training modules with incident reports, sharpening the focus on current threats.

Sensora Security
Sensora Security

Training Paths

Customized training to best educate your employees. Design training journeys that progress with employee milestones, celebrating their advancement with escalating challenges.

Sensora Security

Phishing Simulations

Expose your employees to real time threats

Up to Date Simulations
Up to Date Simulations

Expose your employees to real time phishing simulations to raise their Cyber awareness level.

Global Training Support
Global Training Support

Personalized employee training based off of their region, time zone & language.

Custom Builder
Custom Builder

Tailor make your own phishing simulations utilizing our custom simulation wizard.

Fast Response, Minimum Damage

Empower your employees to be your first line of defense

Native Report Plugins
Native Report Plugins

Report a suspicious email in one click,using Cywareness native Microsoft Outlook and Google Mail plugins

Phishing as a Service
Response Console

Manage employees phishing reports in one place using our native plugins and our response console

Results Driven
First-Aid Forensics

Analyze every reported email, using the Cywareness first aid phishing analyzer to determine if email is malicious or not

Awareness Training

Make your employees your first line of defense

Unlimited Modules

Select from our vast training video library to choose the content that best serves your needs.

Full Localization

Provide a personalized training experience by allowing the employee to train in his own native language.

Custom Training Builder

Create your own training module for your employees using our no-code training builder to personalize your employees' training.

Our training supports

  • Videos
  • Interactive Modules
    Interactive Modules
  • Quizzes
  • Workshops
  • Newsletters
  • Micro Units
    Micro Units
  • Lectures
  • Games
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Personal Training Area

Engage your employees with their own personal training areaidentified billions of behaviors and vulnerabilities.
Sensora Security
Intuitive Design

Increase employees engagement with a beautiful and easy to use user experience and interface

Sensora Security

Enable your employees to track their progress and master their security skills with Cywareness badges

Sensora Security
Training Visibility

Track your employees’training progress, trends, and engagement to know where to invest your training resources

Full Insights

You are strongest when you know your weaknesses

Dynamic Score

It is important to understand the current awareness level of each employee in your company, as the next attack is one click away.

Interactive Dashboard

Get a real-time update of your company’s awareness training performance and learning progress.

Custom Inquiries

Shape your company’s data to fit your own needs, get a better understanding of your weak points in your defense line.

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