Wireless security test (remote as well)

Network penetration test

Test your system, network or infrastructure for any existing or potential security vulnerabilities and threats.

IoT Penetration Test

WI-FI cameras, smart washing machines, coffee makers and vacuum cleaners with internet access - any high-tech integration into the device or private house can lead to losing personal data or money.

Web Applications Penetration Testing

Any web-based app is under threat of hacking. To protect your data, the company's reputation and ensure secure data transmission, we offer both publicly available and internal web portals and application security testing.

Mobile application security

Social Engineering Training

Continuous Testing

Constant threats require a constant measure of security. Sensora sets up a custom monitoring system for internal and external resources to identify any changes in the environment and assess them for vulnerabilities. When any change is identified, analysis from our team of expert testers is conducted. These vulnerabilities are mapped for resolution and reported to you within 24 hours of our identification. This constant testing model replaces unreliable bug-bounty programs with verified professional testers working continuously to find and validate risks before criminals do.