Network Penetration Testing

Deep-dive, manual network penetration testing performed by experienced and certified penetration testers

Benefits of performing a Sensora Network Penetration Test

Pen testing can offer numerous benefits to any organization concerned about potential vulnerabilities.

Some of the primary benefits of this type of security testing include:

  • Identifying network security flaws
  • Understanding risk levels
  • Mapping out the organization’s overall security posture

As technology advances, digital criminals’ methods to exploit weaknesses in an operating system or network also evolve. Some examples of these flaws include social engineering attacks, SQL injection, outdated versions of software, poorly configured firewalls, and malware.  

Some security vulnerabilities could expose sensitive data, which can result in violating compliance requirements, bad press, and of course, the loss of customer trust. On the other hand, network vulnerabilities that merely lead to losing next month’s cafeteria menu may not pose as much threat to a company. It's essential to determine the risk levels for various systems to allocate resources accordingly.

Security posture refers to an organization’s overall cybersecurity status for hardware, software, networks, data, and processes. It includes security controls, security management, and the ability to react and recover to threats. Businesses need to assess and document their security measures before they can hope to improve them.  Having a strong security posture can help business leaders make confident decisions and improve their overall trust.  

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Sensora Network Penetration Testing Solution

Understanding and addressing cybersecurity issues can help protect your company from potential real-world cyber-attacks.  Sensora experts have the knowledge and experience needed to strengthen your network security.  Our penetration testers act as ethical hackers to uncover security weaknesses.   After completing thorough pen tests and security assessments, our security professionals will provide suggestions to remediate issues as the final product of the testing process. While these may include technical recommendations, they may also cover business processes for sensitive data or even employee education about resisting phishing, developing strong passwords, etc.

Our Methodology

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Our services include a Dedicated Client Portal, On-Demand Tools, a Research-Focused Approach, and Free Remediation Testing.

Upon completing your Network Penetration Testing, our pen testers convey what they have learned in educational, actionable terms. They thoroughly outline and present their findings to you with suggestions for prioritizing fixes, walking through the results with you hand-in-hand.

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Sensora's World-Class Penetration Testing Services

In this age of cloud storage, bring-your-own-devices, and remote work, companies also face increasing security threats. And just as security has evolved, hackers work hard to stay a step ahead of both professionals and their software. All kinds of organizations need to work with security experts to ensure their business systems’ safety.

Moreover, organizations have also suffered a growing number of threats from the inside, either from malicious users or accidental security credentials loss. Even the most loyal and diligent employees have accidentally divulged information or clicked the wrong link because of a lack of security education. Pen testing can help ensure robust security, both against outside attacks and for internal accidents or mischief.

Penetration testing offers you the only true way to know if your digital assets are truly secure and, if they’re not, what security measures you can take to strengthen them. At Sensora, we offer a free security consultation. You can schedule your appointment online or call 28319913 today. Get in touch with Sensora today to ensure you’re doing everything you can to protect your computer systems and your business reputation.

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