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Our Cyber Compliance Consulting Services help companies put an end to regulatory confusion, respond to business threats, pinpoint operational inefficiencies, and focus on the core of their business.

If high-profile breaches have taught us anything, it’s not a matter of if, but when an overlooked vulnerability can spin into a full-blown crisis. We help companies conduct complete security assessments that identify vulnerabilities, test penetration, and assess risks that could one day bring your business operations to a halt.

Foresite works directly with your internal teams to implement advanced vulnerability and penetration testing to assess enterprise security risk.

Industry-leading security consulting

Our team of industry-leading consultants can provide insight and help your business institute data security policies that identify potential attack paths through vulnerability and penetration testing, while providing a top-down risk assessment of your security infrastructure. Our consultants will work directly with your internal teams to design solutions that are in line with your current security processes ensuring that your business has an optimal risk management system in place.

Committed to compliance

We’ll work closely with your company to ensure that you meet all relevant industry regulatory requirements through advanced controls for compliance needs. Our accredited consultants provide guidance throughout the process to help you navigate increasingly complex and rapidly changing compliance regulations. By using industry-leading programs and IT-security solutions, we help companies build secure, compliant IT infrastructures that allow their current teams to place their focus on other important areas of their business.

Customized solutions and security programs

At Foresite, we understand that every company has its own processes and systems. We don’t try to fit square pegs into round holes. Our security and compliance consultants design customized solutions to fit seamlessly with existing processes.

Our cyber and compliance services can help your business identify threats and mitigate issues.

PCI Compliance Services

Foresite helps businesses develop compliant payment solutions that increase consumer confidence, provide economic stability, and scale with growth. Our expert PCI compliance consultants will work with your team to overhaul your cardholder data collection and storage practice to ensure that you are in complete PCI compliance.

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HIPAA Compliance Services

Our expert HIPAA compliance consultants will help your company implement data collection and storage policies that not only ensure you are presently compliant, but also put you in a position for ongoing compliance, reducing time and future concern. We’ll help you implement simple, proven systems for collecting, storing, & transferring sensitive data so you can achieve a state of readiness and stop worrying about HIPAA compliance.

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Don’t wait until you are in a crisis to evaluate the vulnerability of your security systems. Foresite provides the highest levels of standards and compliance. We can help you close vulnerabilities and assess risk to stop potential attacks in their tracks.

ISO/IEC 27001
Internationally Recognized Standard

Manage your information security through the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS) with ISO 27001.

What is the ISO 27001, and how can it help your organization?

Gap Analysis

A thorough analysis of your information security governance posture

Controlled Implementation

Identification, assessment, treatment, and effective management of your information security risks

Management Review & Certification

Review & evaluate the effectiveness of your information management system with an ISO 27001 certification

ISO 27001 is an internationally recognized standard that sets out a risk-based methodology for organizations to manage information security through the implementation of an Information Security Management System (ISMS); and a systematic approach to implementing, operating, and maintaining information security within an organization.

Sensora's consultancy practice provides advice, guidance, and support at all stages of the certification process.

GDPR - Data Protection Audit

Data Protection Audits are used to assess an organisations current state of data protection compliance.

A Data Protection Audit will help you review and assess the adequacy of your controls, policies, and procedures. It can help to demonstrate that your organisation is meeting your obligations under whichever data protection regulations apply in your jurisdiction, and across others which your company may have operations in or transfer personal data from. Worldwide there are many different regulations, such as the GDPR (EU), CCPA (California) PDPA (Singapore) or LGPD (Brazil).

If your organisation needs an audit just focusing on your GDPR compliance, please view our GDPR Audit service page.

These services can be carried out remotely.

The Benefits

  • Gain understanding of the maturity your organisation has currently in relation to data protection compliance

  • Demonstrate your commitment to compliance to your customers and the applicable regulator(s)

  • Obtain a clear road path to demonstrate alignment with data protection laws

  • Avail of subject matter expertise and practical recommendations from very experienced consultants

  • From conducting a number of similar audits, we can share best practice advice and provide recommendations for continual improvement

  • Benefit from a neutral assessment with an unbiased perspective

The Challenge

Whether you have already implemented a compliance programme or are at the beginning of your journey, a data protection audit will help you understand what is required to improve and demonstrate your compliance.

Like many organisations however, you may not have the necessary expertise internally or the resources to fund the training of staff to conduct data protection audits. Additionally, you may wish to audit your processes using external specialists to provide further reassurance to your staff and customer of your commitment to data protection compliance.

You can use our data protection audit to review your compliance with data protection laws in full or to target functions, departments or even 3rd party organisations providing data processing or data controlling services.

Our Process

At BH Consulting, we understand that you may find data protection compliance daunting and complicated. Our consultants have an in-depth understanding of the requirements of various data protection laws and how they should be met. They also have extensive data protection and information security project management expertise.

Our Data Protection Audit will help you understand your current level of compliance with data protection laws eg: GDPR, PDPA, CCPA and provide you with practical recommendations on what is needed to improve.

Our Audit process is based on the requirements of the client and the drivers behind the need for the audit. The general aim of this audit is to determine if appropriate controls have been implemented to ensure your organisations compliance with the specific aspects of data protection legislation and regulations including areas such as these, where appropriate:

  • Scope of compliance

  • Data protection governance and oversight function (DPO role) within the organisation

  • Implementation of a data protection policy and supporting policy framework, such as:

      • General data protection policy
      • Subject access request policy and procedure
      • Breach incident management policy and plan
      • Data mapping records
      • Data privacy impact assessment procedure & questionnaire
      • Retention policies & timelines
  • Existence of data processing agreements with third parties such as vendors and customers

  • Employee privacy notice, employment contracts and employee handbook

  • Existence of records of processing activities

  • Staff training: materials, training records and plans for future training

  • Appropriate international data transfer mechanisms

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