Continuous Penetration Testing

Regular internal and external penetration testing is the best way to validate that your security controls are working. A good pentest answers questions like, “How secure are we?” and, “How immune are we to common attacks?” However, the results may only be valid for a brief period of time. New vulnerabilities could become known between the time a penetration test completes and when the report is written. Around the clock pentesting isn’t feasible so SynerComm’s pentesters packaged their best tools and techniques into their flagship ReconIT™ platform.

  • Extend coverage and fill gaps between point-in-time penetration tests
  • Quickly validate the mitigation/remediation of previously reported vulnerabilities
  • Automate daily/hourly tests and use discoveries to trigger human-led pentests
  • Automate asset and service discovery (IP, subdomain, URLs, services, certificates, etc.)
  • Automated vulnerability and application scanning
  • Automated open source reconnaissance (disclosures, breach dumps, etc.)
  • Guaranteed manual testing and validation each month by a skilled and experienced penetration tester*

Who Benefits Most (Target Clients):

  • Security, risk, and compliance teams looking to monitor and manage external asset inventories
  • Companies and organizations with a large Internet presence (25-2,000+ in-use public IP addresses)
  • Companies and organizations with frequent changes to external applications, services, and systems
  • High-risk companies and organizations seeking continuous coverage

*The frequency and duration of manual efforts are customized to the size, scope, and need of each client. Factors include the quantity of Internet exposed systems, data sensitivity requirements, and the frequency of change.

There is no replacement for the validation provided by a thorough, skilled, and human-led penetration test. External and internal pentests with social engineering demonstrate precisely how a determined and skilled intruder could breach your company’s systems and data. Continuous Penetration testing provides your stakeholders with the peace of mind they need to know their perimeter security is covered 24/7/365.